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Why Randomly Reviewed?

When I watch a movie, the narrative structure is not the first thing that comes to my mind: you can use “Story” by Robert McKee to check that. Structure, characters development, fatal flaws, ghosts, the middle point, the climax, the resolution: all of that to me is clear just at the end of a movie. If I start elaborating about the film, in a way I can't even describe, I can connect the dots and have a clear vision of the film structure.


That's why I would like to call my reviews "randomly reviewed".


Because most of the time I have random clarity about a story. I collect details and I put them together to find the meaning behind, or at least the meaning I bestow. It’s an unconscious process that helps me to connect the dots, and I want to share this with you, hoping that it can help building your point of view on the movie.

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