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How to talk about my work through failure examples

I embraced freelancing 4 years ago and even if sometimes I struggle with it a lot it allows me to focus and be dedicated to different project, take time to study and improve myself.

I've decided to tell you more about freelancing with a series of six pictures. Today we talk about first things.


The first day I was a freelance, I was still an employee.


It took more than an year to start networking as a pro. At the beginning it was awkward and I failed so many times. I remember being always proposing myself and my services, instead of listening.

It was all a matter of rush to be the first one to get the job, or to succeed, and to prove I was the perfect cup of tea. I miserably failed every f***ing time. You will fail, badly sometimes, but if you followed Randomly Reviewed newsletter you will find out how much important is to accept failure in your personal storyline. Movies and books show us the arc of characters based on failure. Failure is the moment that anticipates the great climax and hero's success. So don't be afraid of it. Focus on understanding why that happened.


The first thing I do in the morning is to check my email. I shouldn't.


The first thing you should do in the morning is get a shower, dress comfortably but tidy and have breakfast. There will be days to indulge under the duvet and others you will have enough energy to go for a morning run at 6AM. However, you should try to focus on a method and stick to it. As a reference, today I put on the most warmth tracksuits, I had a walk with my dog, I put stuff into the washing machine, I haven't done the bed yet and, as a result, is now 12:08 I have to figure something for lunch and I need to take a shower first.

You deserve a comfortable but defined routine. At the same time don't expect yourself to follow every rule. This is one of the perks of being a freelancer who doesn't have a meeting during the day.


The first thing you think you need is a coworker to confront each other.


The first thing I wanted was to paired up with a friend in my same condition. I was feeling abandoned in my studio at home. No one to talk to during the day, apart from my dog who is now sleeping under my desk. One day I figured myself bagging for some time together spent at work. I didn't need that. I though I would, but actually I didn't. I was just convincing myself that working alone was impossibile. I missed my coworkers, and the morning coffee, and chat over lunch. I've been experience alone working and I can say that 4 hours fully dedicated are much more productive than 8 in the office. The rest of the day is spent on the couch? Not at all. I can read, watch films and TV Series. I have plenty of things to do instead. Don't be afraid of solo time. You can master it pretty well.

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