The middle point in my story is a walk

March 1, 2018

The middle point in a story, every kind of it, is a specific moment when your hero change perspective from the passiveness of reaction to the activeness of making decision and pursuing goals for himself.


But before that let's think about a story arc as split in two: the first part is taking the leading character from his normal everyday setting into a changing experience that will lead him into a second part of his journey to actually change his life. 


So if I had to tell you about my day I can say that my normal life was right before realising I need an old notebook where I've several notes about storytelling that I need today. 


A simple fact that is going to change the normal course of event: his is my incoming incident. Looking for this notebook in order to write the post I want for tomorrow, is my drive to sort every notebook in my studio. 

But still he's not here. I think I've looked everywhere, but clearly, I haven't. I'm REACTING to something, I think I've done everything I could to find it, but I don't have a structure plan. I'm stuck right at the middle of my arc when I understand I'm out of option. If searching and sorting is not immediately effective, how can I solve my problem. Do you still follow me? Very good.


Because this is the time I love the most. I know that, in a hero journey, the fish out of water moment comes. When you see on a movie or you just read it in a book, you don't actually feel that pressure to find a new way, and more effective way, to solve your problem. 

This is not the time for a rush, is the time to think.

You've already desperately tried a way, but it didn't worked out. I've been looking here and there in my studio, but without a systematic method. 


This is the moment I put on my sneakers and go for a walk. There's not reason to plan you are about to go, because my mind will be involved partially: I will think about my notebook and where I could have stored it. 

Today it's snowing in Milan. So there's no such lovely thing as to go for a walk with Philippe. We will chase snow flakes, we will run, we will jump in the snow pretending is December, but it's March and snow will disappear soon. 


I will come back with a plan, thinking what I did wrong this morning, and then with a more structured solution I will TAKE ACTION and find my notebook. I'm ready to bet on that. 



[After lunch] My plan was successful. I recall I've stored the notebook in a place of my library where I usually put stuff I need to refresh from time to time. And among some pharmacy and anatomy book (I've an emergency volunteer, I need to refresh human body and search for drugs I don't know sometimes) there it was my notebook with my "Casablanca" script.  




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