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The middle point in my story is a walk

The middle point in a story, every kind of it, is a specific moment when your hero change perspective from the passiveness of reaction to the activeness of making decision and pursuing goals for himself.

But before that let's think about a story arc as split in two: the first part is taking the leading character from his normal everyday setting into a changing experience that will lead him into a second part of his journey to actually change his life.

So if I had to tell you about my day I can say that my normal life was right before realising I need an old notebook where I've several notes about storytelling that I need today.

A simple fact that is going to change the normal course of event: his is my incoming incident. Looking for this notebook in order to write the post I want for tomorrow, is my drive to sort every notebook in my studio.

But still he's not here. I think I've looked everywhere, but clearly, I haven't. I'm REACTING to something, I think I've done everything I could to find it, but I don't have a structure plan. I'm stuck right at the middle of my arc when I understand I'm out of option. If searching and sorting is not immediately effective, how can I solve my problem. Do you still follow me? Very good.

Because this is the time I love the most. I know that, in a hero journey, the fish out of water moment comes. When you see on a movie or you just read it in a book, you don't actually feel that pressure to find a new way, and more effective way, to solve your problem.


This is not the time for a rush, is the time to think.


You've already desperately tried a way, but it didn't worked out. I've been looking here and there in my studio, but without a systematic method.

This is the moment I put on my sneakers and go for a walk. There's not reason to plan you are about to go, because my mind will be involved partially: I will think about my notebook and where I could have stored it.

Today it's snowing in Milan. So there's no such lovely thing as to go for a walk with Philippe. We will chase snow flakes, we will run, we will jump in the snow pretending is December, but it's March and snow will disappear soon.

Philippe, my cocker spaniel.

I will come back with a plan, thinking what I did wrong this morning, and then with a more structured solution I will TAKE ACTION and find my notebook. I'm ready to bet on that.

[After lunch] My plan was successful. I recall I've stored the notebook in a place of my library where I usually put stuff I need to refresh from time to time. And among some pharmacy and anatomy book (I've an emergency volunteer, I need to refresh human body and search for drugs I don't know sometimes) there it was my notebook with my "Casablanca" script.

Storytelling notebook and Casablanca script

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