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How to be confident in english

What does this picture say about the way I work? I don't seat properly most of the time, I like to snuggle up over my chair and put on my super big headphones. Why do I prefer to isolate myself if I watch a movie or an episode? Because it helps me focusing not only on the content, the acting, the story development, but also on the quality of the pronunciation. I won't pretend I'm good at doing different accent: I can't. But I'm into sharpening my diction.

I started watching TV series in a different way since University. As I said here I was curious to improve my vocabulary and basically to be confident speaking. I will always remember my french professor at high school saying: le français c'est une langue vivante, il faut que tu chantes un petit peux. (French a living language, you must sing a bit).

I convinced myself that sometimes to mimic the accent, the tone and the rhythm can help you find a right balance between what you want to say and how to say it. It's a boost to speak fearless. All of you, out there, scared to death to remain silent, accept the fact that you will write and speak with errors here and there. There's no need to apology for that if you commit to improve. And don't let this keeping you from practice: accept the risk of failure and embrace the satisfaction of communication.

This video below is a smart and punctual analysis of major movie scenes pronunciation explained by Erik Singer, dialect coach. I found it inspiring about the little changes you can try to find out.

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