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How to organise books on your bookcase

I've been looking for a practical, logical and functional method to order my books chaotically displayed all around the house without a good purpose. I've looked up online for few days but anything really useful came up. After multiples attempts I've decided to write down my easiest, fastest and clever method.

What you need

  • time

  • plenty of space

  • post-it

  • willpower

  • (optional) App BookBuddy

Why an app?

Because I needed to have a digital version of my library with me, since I don't want to buy twice the same book (has already happened, if you ask).

How do you order books?

I've been discussing this method several time and I couldn't agreed with an ultimate decision for books that can easily fit more than one genres or topic. I decided to have few categories (approximately ten) to sort books, but you can add as many as you want.

How long does it takes?

I have more than 400 titles to sort and it took me up to 6 hours in total in 3 days. So couple of hours per day during the weekend and everything was back on the shelves with a lot of satisfaction.

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