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The setting shapes the hero

We are all influenced by the settings where we are born and where we grow up. What we read, what we eat, where we go, how we spend time together, how we work on ourself really defines who we are. Being an adult is also about bringing new stuff in your settings and not being attached to milestone, refusing change.


Change is the only thing always present in our life:

denying it is a short-sighted approach to life.

Leverage on change, don't refuse it.


To me, being able to accept and take advantage of change, is like bike-riding. It can be painful, sometimes it can take your breath away, you might sweat a lot (euh!) but still, it will reinforce you and at least it will bring you somewhere.

I like characters able to embrace change and use it all along the journey. You can be attached to stuff and people, and more frequently and - less noticeably - ideas and bias. Nevertheless, being able to detach ourselves from that, look at everything with the right distance can actually help us create a new mindset.

But remember to have a bike in your life, to take a ride from time to time. Sometimes change can be a way to refresh your mind, to focus, to figure the solution out. Be prepared, change is always there, but you can't foresee where's going to lead you.

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