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The day I discovered I was mentioned on 4 websites

I googled myself from time to time. Let's be clear, it's all about being naïve and check what is related to my business online that might need to be reported of modified.

That day I started looking at pictures and there was a screenshot of an old version of my website. It was one of the first version and creativity I've developed. It was full of colours.

Open a new tab to inspect that link.

Scroll down a little bit more.

Another screen from my website of a new recent version. New tab and explore the link.


Coming straight to conclusion I've found 4 links referring

to my website as a good example of design and disclosures of content.

I was thrilled and a little bit scared...


Since that moment I was only mentioned on websites with colophons about publication I worked on, but now someone picked my work to share a good experience on web design.

I remember being judged because of my lack of experience, because of my multipotentialite approach to work (aka being always on the run for new experiences and fields to discover instead of deep-dive, but I've talked about multipotentialite here, so if you want to explore that check it out).


Anyway. That day I felt stronger, powerful and completely

free from people judgment. Raise your head, focus on your objectives

and never let anybody pulls you down.


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