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The tricky part of being a Multipotentialite

I came across Emilie Wapnick and the multipotentialite community early this year. When I listened carefully at her TED Talk speech I suddenly realised I was just like them.

It was a relief, but then came a strong doubt.


Are multipotentialite people escaping from being committed to a goal?

If we want to free ourselves from the need to succeed is this the perfect shortcut?


So please, before jumping to the conclusion this is totally bullshit or this is the explanation to most of your unsuccessful projects, take a step back and analyse.

This is a passage from Barbara Kerr's book "Career Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth"

Multipotentiality is the ability to select and develop any number of career options because of a wide variety of interests, aptitudes, and abilities (Frederickson & Rothney, 1972).

The broad range of opportunities available tends to increase the complexity of decision making and goal setting, and it may actually delay career selection. Multipotentiality is most commonly a concern of students with moderately high IQs (120-140), those who are academically talented, and those who have two or more outstanding but very different abilities such as violin virtuosity and mathematics precocity.

This is the most interesting part which made me think ok I'm a multipotentialite, everything is explained now. I can seat back and relax, there's no problem at all in being committed to different learning fields.


But then the unbearable question came to my mind:

what if this is a self explanation that reassure my mind,

but it's far from reality?


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