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Randomly Reviewed - "Wind River"

Usually, when you think about western movies and cowboys, you can't fathom ice, snow and wind in the dead and frozen mountains of Wyoming. You may think of desert, red bandannas, used for mopping up sweat or masking the face from dust storms at the neck of high talented and mostly loner guy on a horse. But the modern cowboys in Wind River are all dressed in white, hidden in the snow, while walking or riding a snowmobile. Unwelcoming place where a community lives with their own rules. That's why, when the FBI agent arrives to investigate a homicide, they are reticent to show her around and let her dig into their problems. Luckily for her, there's the silent hero, who discovered the body, willing to guide her. Being on her side. His back story is revealed at the middle of the story, but since the beginning you are able to anticipate the painful past of the loner rider. A flashback finally uncovers the murder: it's a powerful moment of the story when the FBI agent is the only female circled by loaded men of two different arrays: she keep control, until she can, when tension rises. Then is a powerful gunshot scene, with a very good action twist that will make you jump over the chair.


The final moment of the hunting is just for brave

and prepared cowboys, local ones.


It's a primitive way to chase the quarry: silence, waiting for the right time and cold blood. I didn't know how the body suffers, if not properly protected exposed to low temperatures.It's not about mercy, it's about the unwritten laws of a desperate land where jurisdiction has no power, nor meaning.

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