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Randomly Reviewed - "The Outsider"

An original Netflix production, The Outsider has the pleasure to confirm multipotentialite actor and singer Jared Leto, in a fascinating setting of post-WW2 Japan with a yakuza's line-up.

As you may know, the yakuza are notorious for their strict code of conduct and their organized fiefdom-nature.

The cold colors of the movie will strengthen the idea of rigor and chain of command: accurate portray of the yakuza rituals will describe a world frequently not disclosed to the Occident. Irezumi, which are the full-body tattoos, are also nowadays "hand-poked" using non-electrical ink equipment made of bamboo or steel. The intriguing story behind the fable of the fish rising back the river to become a dragon is captivating.

Less exciting and much more shocking scene is the practice of Yubitsume: as a form of penance or apology, transgressor must cut off the tip of his left little finger and give the severed portion to his boss. Not to mention the final scene: the perfect climax where revenge and honor are profoundly intertwined.

But what is uncommon about the story is the context.


Due to the precise description of the rules of this locked from the inside world

the controlled face of Jared Leto was totally inappropriate.


Not him of course, who confirms his qualities as an actor, but the casting choice to have an American character being included in one of the most closed transnational organized crime syndicates.

And several Asian actors protested on Twitter about the apparent whitewashing.

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