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Randomly Reviewed - "Aus dem Nichts"

"Aus dem Nichts" starring Diane Kruger, acting in her native language, is a superb movie. Divided into three specific moments, "Family", "Justice", and "Sea", it's the perfect description of the lack of integrity we are facing right now when we talk about the legal process.

Diane Kruger, married to an ex-convicted criminal, is living her life with ups and downs. But the blast of a bomb in front of the office where her son and husband are will change her life forever.

Family The first part of the film perfectly portrays a woman who has lost everything in her life but still has to be strong for her relatives. Devastated by grief, she's toss between police officers, detectives, a pregnant sister who continuously remind her maternity, parents, and parents-in-law.


Is there a way out from affliction? Yes, maybe justice can be enough.


Justice But it's not enough. She moves from being the damaged part in the trial to being the angriest widow asking for revenge. Actual revenge. Painful revenge, maybe even murder. The prep for the trial, proof collection, and analysis of the crime, let you believe she will find somehow justice.


But she can't, and she's defeated for the second, and the most painful, time.


Sea Would you let the murders of your family leave free, when you have to live with what is left of an unbearable life? Not at all. None of us would. So she plans for her secret revenge: but in the end, she fails once again. She can't stand the idea to become a murder and live her life with that. It's the final climax, unexpected, that will define the end of infinite vindication.

Can we accept the simple fact that justice will sentence over a culprit just if there is proof beyond argument? How can we deal with violent emotions when given explanations are objectives and not affected by what we feel?


Are we all so intoxicated with the idea of a self-serving justice

that we don't understand anymore the reasons of the law,

which should be above emotions and revenge?


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