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Randomly Reviewed - "Molly's Game"

What could I've asked more than a movie with Jessica Chastain written and directed by Aaron Sorkin? It could have been the juiced movie of the year, but something here and there is not playing accordingly. I like gambling movie, playing cards, casinos, money-winning based on bluff: no particular reason since I'm very lucky at poker, but I've no strategy at all.

Molly is a super sexy ex-Olympic athlete setting up the most exclusive high-stakes poker game for a decade before being convicted: models were hired to serve drinks; scented candles masked the reek of testosterone; Movie-stars, directors, sports stars, hedge fund managers, but, most of all, poker addicts.

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin signed another marathon-sprint of exhausting, exhilarating, and exasperating dialogued script, playing his game with hyphenate status, and sophisticated words. Sorkin may condemn a world where powerful men mistreat women like Molly, but he doesn’t propose any solution or revolution.


In the end, it's just a biopic, enjoyable of course,

but still small, not groundbreaking.


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