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A huge pledge of confidence

A year has passed since my last post. A year in which so many things happened that I struggle to write a complete list and not forget any of them. I started working for a big company and rediscovered the pleasure, unfortunately long forgotten, of putting myself to the test within a team. I will not lie saying that it was easy, far from it.

I have struggled and accepted compromises that it is not easy to swallow after several years of freelance work. Yet I gained my successes and defined my priorities. Even here: a list would not have been enough. I have always confided in the "lists", but if you fail to cross out the speed you set for yourself, then you don't need much anymore.

Now I focus on my side project, which is very dear to me. It is a compass not to lose sight of commitment and study. And honestly, it was too much that I didn't get it over my head.

So this morning, I entered the library, where a pleasant silence reigns, punctuated by writing on the keyboard of other solitaries, to devote myself to mapping the themes of the chapters of the book I'm trying to write. Maybe this sentence is too weak and I have to pledge more confidence in me now. I'm here to devote myself to the book I'm writing.

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